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Starting Estate Planning Conversations With Family

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It’s difficult not to think about the future at the start of a new year. Plus, spending time with family during the holidays often sheds light on the importance of starting a conversation about estate planning with parents and grandparents. However, talking about estate planning and preparing for a time when they are no longer with you is never an easy conversation to have. Our team at Reno & Zahm LLP has put together tips to help you initiate this important conversation.

How to Start a Conversation about Estate Planning with Loved Ones

  1. Choose a Comfortable Time & Place: It’s important to understand that estate planning can be a difficult subject for many people. For this reason, we advise you to pick a comfortable time and environment to discuss this with your loved ones. Don’t wait until a time of crisis to discuss plans or an emotionally unstable time for your family. This could make them reluctant to talk.

  2. Be Sincere About the Topic: It would be ideal to talk about estate planning if it comes up organically, however, it’s not often a topic that does. Therefore, when you do bring up estate planning to your family, you should be sincere and honest about your intentions. Explain why you believe the topic is important and why it should be discussed.

  3. Have Articles & Notes Ready: If you think you might need to demonstrate the importance of estate planning to your loved ones, you should have articles ready to show them what could happen if they don’t create a comprehensive estate plan.

  4. Be Ready to Take Action: If your conversation has led to a good path and your loved ones are ready to get a plan in place, you should have resources ready to get the process started. Speak with an experienced estate plan attorney for guidance and have them help you get started. Attorneys understand how difficult it is to speak about estate planning, so they will be equipped to help answer your loved one’s questions empathetically.

Need help creating a comprehensive estate plan for your loved ones? Our Rockford estate planning attorneys are here to help you. Contact us today at (779) 235-9115!

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