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Assisting Clients in Property & Land Matters

The attorneys of Reno & Zahm LLP are who bour clients turn to when they need help resolving legal matters concerning real estate and property, such as transactions, annexation, zoning, eminent domain, and taxation. Our firm has been a community mainstay for 100 years. During that time, the attorneys who’ve built careers through dedicated service to our clients have helped them achieve results that mattered.

When you want to purchase or sell a home or commercial property, or fight a dispute regarding land use, Reno & Zahm LLP has the experience you can rely on in this town. Our zoning lawyers near you in Rockford carry on our firm’s long tradition of dedication to facilitating real estate deals and resolving land disputes for our community.

Contact Reno & Zahm LLP online or call (779) 235-9115 to speak with a skilled zoning attorney near you in Rockford, IL. See if you qualify for a initial consultation.

Facilitating Real Estate Transactions

If you’re involved in a residential or commercial real estate transaction, a real estate attorney in Rockford, IL at Reno & Zahm LLP can support you whether you’re the buyer or seller in the equation. We can handle all aspects of real estate transactions including purchase preparations, drafting sale agreements, ordering titles, and closing services.

Working with a real estate lawyer from Reno & Zahm LLP means having legal support on-hand and throughout a sensitive transaction process that requires clarity and precision to accomplish. We’ll keep an eye out for issues during the transaction unfavorable to your interests and advise you of your options each step of the way.

Assistance with Land Use & Zoning Matters

Development of all kinds is happening around Rockford at any given moment. As our town changes, so too may the land use laws and zoning policies that govern where we live and work, and how we get to those places.

If your property or a neighboring property is incorrectly zoned – or done so in a manner that could adversely impact your home’s value – our zoning lawyers near you in Rockford, IL can work with you to challenge the city’s zoning policies and help you reach an agreeable outcome.

Likewise, the city may be attempting to enforce new zoning or land use provisions against your property by ignoring its grandfathered status. A zoning attorney near you at Reno & Zahm LLP can help you fight the burden of complying with new ordinances that may not apply to your property.

What is Zoning?

Zoning is a type of government regulation that determines how private property may be used by its owners. Zoning regulations are created to ensure that the quality of life of individuals and the community is kept in mind -- it ensures there is a balance between property owners and urban development owners so that everyone can be good to each other within their neighborhoods and their community.

Do I Need a Zoning Permit For a Pool?

In Rockford, permits are required if you are constructing a public or private swimming pool. A structure that is intended for swimming, bathing, or wading, and contains water that is over 24 inches deep is considered to be a pool. This includes in-ground and above-ground pools, hot tubs, and spas. Pools must also be enclosed with a barrier and must be 48 inches high.

If you have any questions on land-use or zoning matters, reach out to a zoning attorney near you at Reno & Zahm LLP in Rockford, IL.

Is the Government Claiming Eminent Domain?

The U.S. government has the authority to claim eminent domain over private property and assume ownership over it. However, the government is obligated to compensate affected citizens with a fair cash market value payment for their home, commercial building, farms, or industrial facilities.

If the government is laying claim to your property through eminent domain, contact Reno & Zahm LLP to get legal representation that can help you fight the claim or get exactly what you deserve from it.

Contact us online or call (779) 235-9115 for assistance from a real estate, land use, and zoning attorney in Rockford at Reno & Zahm LLP.

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