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Attorney Jared Clay Published in The Voice

Reno & Zahm

Our prolific attorney, Jared Arthur Clay, has been published again, this time in an online newsletter called The Voice. The Voice is the regular publication of the Rockford Chamber of Commerce.

Attorney Clay’s article, “Amended Illinois Human Right Act,” describes Illinois’s new stance on the relationship between employers and alleged criminals. The new law restricts an employer’s ability to use someone’s criminal history when hiring or firing. Employers can no longer use arrest records to make decisions, for instance. Citizens are innocent until proven guilty, and an arrest should not lead to an assumption of guilt.

According to the law, many criminal convictions are no longer a consideration for employment. This is a big change that can help many people. However, employers must also consider the safety of their business and their workers. If a conviction represents a potential threat to property or people, an employer can use it to deny an applicant.

There are, however, some exceptions to these new restrictions. There are laws still in place that require employers to consider arrests and convictions.

If a potential employee is denied due to their record, they are now entitled to a written notice. They also have five days to answer this decision, where they can defend themselves. Afterward, employers must provide the applicant with a written, final decision.

Employers who violate these rules are open to liability, including cease and desist notices, financial damages, and paying legal fees in a lawsuit. To learn more, you must read the full article!

Attorney Clay is no stranger to writing. While attending the Regent University School of Law, he served as Executive Editor of the Regent Journal of Law & Public Policy. While practicing law, he has found time to continue authoring pieces, published several times for various organizations. We are always proud to see attorney Clay’s work presented to the public.

Attorney Clay is a skilled attorney, representing businesses in transactions, corporate matters, and employment matters. He also represents individuals who have suffered serious personal injuries. He works hard for the residents of Rockford, and his record speaks for itself.

If you need legal help, contact our office, and request a consultation with attorney Jared Arthur Clay or one of our other experienced attorneys. You can reach us online or call us at (815) 987-4050.

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